miércoles, 26 de agosto de 2015

It is there - Midgard - The nine realms

Can you see it?

It is there with its days and its nights
with its darkness and its light
with its cold and its warmth
with its love and its hate
with its poison and its cure

can you see it?

right there in the middle
right there by the sea
right there being born
right there being destroyed

can you see it?

it is the place that falls
it is the place that rises
it is the place far away from the gods

can you see it?
it is right over there

it is the place
it is there
it is life

it is us.


You can read (and listen at) the poem at the Artipeeps webpage here.

This poem is part of my online collaboration with Nicky Mortlock´s The Nine Realms project that began on October 2014 and that is inspired by the Norse Sagas (specifically the 9 realms of norse mythology). This project involves near-on 50 Twitter poets, arts, musicians and sculptors, and will run online for 9 months culminating in a poetry, art and music exhibition( and even a Viking boat!) in Hanse House King’s Lynn, Norfolk, UK across the Heritage Open Day weekend, in September 2015. 

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