miércoles, 30 de mayo de 2012

Myths have changed

Minotaurs were processed as any other livestock. Labyrinths were turned into night clubs. Myths ended up as meat packages and dance floors.
Mermaids were caught and kept in aquariums; they jump through hoops along dolphins. Their laments go unheard: screeching crowds are louder.
Scylla and Charybdis were hired in México. The former still devours human bodies. The latter hypnotizes the survivors with lies and TV shows.
Pegasuses are kept instead of mules; they carry heavier loads. Their feathers are taken to make pillows and costumes for posh celebrities.
Poseidon works in an oil platform. Wages are terrible and work shifts extenuating. He is a modern slave and is always blamed for oil spills.
Venus set up an online dating company. She is well learned in love algorithms and PayPal. Rumour has it she does not trusts Cupid anymore.
Cupid is now doing great despite the rumors. Without the old restrictions he can be more creative. There is no such a thing as a bad shot.
Athena is very busy. She is a restless world traveler: so many wars everywhere! But nobody worships her.She is just a sad deluded spectator.
Medusa is still around. Sometimes you can see her image briefly behind a TV screen or a new idea. She is made out of terror: be afraid.
Odysseus is one of the 10 most wanted fugitives.He is familiar with illegal border crossing and has been linked to the recent flu pandemics.

Minotaur menace. Imagen de oleo de lyonart tomada de Wikimedia Commons.
 Series originally posted in 10 tweets @minafiction. It will keep growing.
Serie originalmente publicada en 10 tuits @minafiction. Seguirá creciendo.

lunes, 21 de mayo de 2012

Que nos lleve

Que me lleve el amor, de la mano
por sus húmedos y laberínticos repliegues
llenos de ecos y siseantes vapores
que me arrastre por anatomías
de gemidos, orgasmos, gritos y risas

Que me lleve la locura por sus pantanos
llenos de cadáveres de enamorados
por sus cielos de incorpóreos cuerpos conmovidos
por sus ríos de lagrimas, por sus risas de llanto
de esos que parten la columna en dos
el corazón en tres y convierten las manos en alas

Que me lleve el deseo a su ensordecedora burbuja
a su oleaje de ausencias, a su lengua y a su piel

Que me lleve el amor, el deseo, la lujuria
que nos lleve cuanto antes
antes de que nos lleve la chingada.

Autor(a) de la imagen desconocido(a).
Fragmentos tuiteados en @minafiction.

viernes, 18 de mayo de 2012

Darling / Cariño

Come in. Don’t be afraid, don’t cry. Everything will be fine. Don’t look around. Just relax. You will be fine. Step in. Closer. Good boy.

It is getting dark. Night is falling. You have to close your eyes. No, please, don’t cry. Listen. Whatever happens don’t open your eyes.

No, there is nobody behind you. Nothing will really happen; it would be like a dream. Don’t be afraid, darling. I am glad you came. Relax.

Relax, I beg you. Follow me. Yes, we are entering this room. Remember that once darkness is here you must not open your eyes. Listen to me.

It is just the wind. I don’t want to harm you. Shhh be quiet, please. Everything will be painless if you listen to me. No, don’t turn around.

I am still here with you. I am so happy you came, darling. No, don’t move. It’s me. I need to smell your neck, please. Are you crying again?

I forgot to tell you that we won’t be alone. I invited some friends and some other creatures. Eyes. You don’t want to open them. Believe me.

Feeling dizzy? Oh, that’s good, darling. I will take care of you. I mean, we will take care of you. Just let everything go. Never run, ok?

I will close the door now. Mind the groans and noises. I am here with you, darling. All this remains me of someone else. Those were happy days.

No, we haven’t touched your back. It must be fear. Relax, I beg you. Don’t think about what is going on. Try to remember happy moments.

Yes, much better. Now open your mouth. We will be all over you, but hopefully you won’t feel a thing. Oh darling, you are glorious!

You really are wonderful. If you open your eyes then there will be a lot of pain. I warn you, darling. You are not feeling anything, right?

Don’t fall asleep. You will sleep later. I need you here. Yes, that is the sound of grinding teeth. Everything will be over soon, darling.

Traga A Neblina By Elly-Clishther.
Pasa. No tengas miedo, no llores. Todo va a estar bien. No mires a tu alrededor. Solo relájate. Vas a estar bien. Entra. Acércate. Muy bien.
Está obscureciendo. La noche está cayendo. Tienes que cerrar los ojos. No, por favor no llores. Escucha. Pase lo que pase no abras los ojos.
No, no hay nadie detrás de ti. Nada sucederá realmente; será como un sueño. No tengas miedo, cariño. Me encanta que hayas venido. Relájate.
Relájate, te lo suplico. Sígueme. Si, entraremos a este cuarto. Recuerda que una vez que obscurezca no deberás abrir los ojos. Escúchame.
No te asustes, es solo el viento. No quiero lastimarte. Shhh guarda silencio, por favor. Nada te dolerá si me escuchas. No, no voltees.
Todavía estoy contigo, estoy tan feliz de que hayas venido, cariño. No, no te muevas. Necesito oler tu cuello, por favor. ¿Estás llorando?
Olvidé decirte que no estaremos solos. Invité a algunos amigos y otras criaturas. ¡Los ojos! No quieres abrirlos. Créeme.
¿Te estás mareando? Muy bien, cariño. Yo cuidaré de ti. Es decir, nosotros cuidaremos de ti. Solo relájate. No vayas a correr ¿de acuerdo?
Voy a cerrar la puerta. No te fijes en los gruñidos y ruidos. Aquí estoy contigo, cariño. Esto me recuerda a alguien. Fue una buena época.
No, no tocamos tu espalda. Debe ser el miedo. Relájate, te lo suplico. No pienses en lo que está sucediendo. Piensa en momentos felices.
Si, así está mucho mejor. Ahora abre la boca. Estaremos todos sobre ti, pero con suerte no sentirás nada. ¡Oh cariño! ¡Eres la gloria!
Realmente eres una maravilla. Si abres los ojos entonces habrá mucho dolor. Te lo advierto, cariño. No estás sintiendo nada ¿cierto?
No, no te duermas. Dormirás después, ahora te necesito aquí. Si, ese sonido es el rechinar de dientes. Todo se acabará pronto, cariño.

Creepy story in 13 tweets originally posted at @minafiction.

lunes, 7 de mayo de 2012

Consumption society

Sparkling, still, fizzy, natural, sugar free, bottled, vitamin enriched, organic, flavoured, distilled. Liquid love. Only love. Drinkable.

Inside out, breathless, rising, upside down, all along, sea salted, deep inside, all over, lying down, soaking wet, chocolate covered. Lust.

Soaked, hand washed, spinned, sun dried, knitted, sanforized, stitched, starched, ironed, sewn, hand embroidered words. Words.

Grilled, oven baked, gratinated, vaporized, marinated, steamed, toasted, boiled, sautéed, deep fried, roasted, slow simmered desire. Desire.

Skimmed, broadcasted, hydrolyzed, dried, powdered, bleached, unplugged, reloaded, sugar free, remixed and revisited compassion. Compassion.

Cotton, drawing, coloured, coated, handmade, wrapping, waterproof, writing, origami, specialty, laid, banana, acid free thoughts. Thoughts.

Scrubbed, hair plucked, retweeted, botoxed, bronzed, cleaned, glittered, followed, manicured, favourited, massaged. Perfumed vanity. Vanity.

Sugar glazed, crème filled, triple chocolate, maple syrup dipped, caramelized, buttered, frosted, fudge filled, honey glazed greed. Greed.

Broadcasted, live, 3D, photoshopped, reloaded, illegal, remixed, obscene, silent, online, old fashioned, black and white hunger. Hunger.

Raw, bitter, sliced, grounded, GMO free, alcohol free, salt free, quality control approved, single malt, sugar free abandon. Pure abandon.

Buy one get one free, free shipping, don´t think just buy, for unlimited time, free gift. On sale: cheap recipes against sadness and despair.

Soul gearing by Kosmur.
Poem in 11 tweets originally posted in @minafiction. Note: The poem might still grow.
Poema en 11 tuits originalmente publicado en @minafiction. Nota: El poema puede seguir creciendo.