lunes, 10 de agosto de 2015

Around the corner - Helheim - The nine realms

Just around the corner

there is confusion
and the land shakes
there are cries
and it is raining
there is angst
and the land is dry
there is hope
and nothing seems to change
there is money
and nothing has a value
there is lust
and there are children disappearing
there is wind
and the three is shaking
there is greed
and the wolf is running free
there is knowledge
and we cannot see the sun
there is freedom
and there is nowhere to go
there is ice melting
and the winter is never-ending.

just around the corner

                there is hell.
This poem is part of my online collaboration with Nicky Mortlock´s The Nine Realms project that began on October 2014 and that is inspired by the Norse Sagas (specifically the 9 realms of norse mythology). This project involves near-on 50 Twitter poets, arts, musicians and sculptors, and will run online for 9 months culminating in a poetry, art and music exhibition( and even a Viking boat!) in Hanse House King’s Lynn, Norfolk, UK across the Heritage Open Day weekend, in September 2015. 

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