jueves, 29 de enero de 2015


Fast goes the family, the birds, the sea, the fishes.
Fast goes love, the welcomes, the farewells.
Fast the coitus, full speed the orgasm, the kisses, the good byes.
Fast the judgment, the prejudice, the hate, the devotion.
Fast, so fast, ipso facto, hurried.
Fast the food, the alcohol, the coffee that burns. Fast.
Fast the relationships, the executions,  s l o w  the revolutions.
Fast the censorship, the torture, the usury.
Fast the burning. Fast the reading.
Fast the deception and the disappointment. Fast and damn quick.
Fast the information, the fashion, the disillusion, the forgetfulness.
Fast the pleasure, slow the sorrow even if you rush it.
Fast the destruction, the annihilation. Fast. In a thunder.

Fast the bicycles, the moon, the batrachians. Fast goes life.

martes, 20 de enero de 2015

Time zone

It was night when the sea exploded.
We all rose with a salty gusto on our lips and a deafening silence of waves.

Midnight was entering when the flowers crystallized.
Asleep we felt, suddenly, the smell of leaves and stems, eclipsed until then.

Dawn was rising when volcanoes spread in underground rivers.
We woke up with an igneous and vaporous roaring below the earth.

It was day when the night evaporated.
In wakefulness we waited for the sky to darken while the heat raised and consumed us little by little.

It was midday when the clouds leaked to the earth.
A sticky silk covered us and there was no ceiling helping us against the burning sun.

Sunset was falling when the deserts cracked.
We heard the uproar and we saw rivers of sand and waves of silence reptating all over.

It was midnight when the air disintegrated.

We inhaled dreams of asphyxia, stretched arms and lips to catch the last wind burst.

miércoles, 14 de enero de 2015

Presentación del proyecto Ephemera


Life is a hurricane full of fauces and feathers.
In a twist its fangs go deep on you and chew you, in the other one it covers and caresses you.

The night is a sea of bat wings that fall down over us as an avalanche.
The caress of silky wings moves some and drives others mad.

Forgetfulness is a marsh of oil that gulps everything down.
Every now and then, the most luminous flowers come out of its waters. Shining.

Desire is a tide of foamy mist that sticks as it strokes the skin that goes forward rattling. It is the air that closes.

Dawn is a wave of modest and sparkly faeries with little bells on their feet.
Only birds and the river embrace so much luminosity.

Pain is being inhabited by a castle with doors that open and close, screeching and slamming.
It is the corridors we walk endlessly.

Anger is a wounded beast that runs through the veins scratching the guts.
It is an ivy that suffocates the viscera. It is stabbing the water.

The day is an uproar, an explosion, a tweet concert, is the wind rising, is wings and photosynthesis. Comes and goes and goes around.

Doubt is a lost tide, never wanted, never expected, never forgotten.
Comes and goes, grows and shrinks. Sometimes, it seems to disappear.

Sadness is a flock of swallows flying in circles inside the chest.
Every now and then, one of them crashes against the heart.

The afternoon sun is an omen epidemic that ends up in a very red sunset full of green clouds. As it were.

Ego is a ravenous monster.
Blind and deaf, lost in a labyrinth, it only knows its own size and the flatteries that feed it.

Hate is a wick looking for the sun, a volcano in the iris, a worm coiled under the skin, the sweetest drug and the biggest promise.

The sea is a wreckage, a déjà vu, an insomniac dream, the silence that roars, the sleepy horizon. It is what we were, what we are and will be.