martes, 4 de agosto de 2015

Alone and afraid - Asgard - The nine realms

All alone
                smashing stones
                carving wood
                playing with gold
all alone
                behind a broken wall
                waiting for another spell

all afraid
                that the world might change
                that more giants might come
all afraid
                and the wolf is howling
                and the serpent is rattling
                and they can hear the giants’ steps

all alone

all afraid.

You can read (and listen at) the poem at the Artipeeps website here.

This poem is part of my online collaboration with Nicky Mortlock´s The Nine Realms project that began on October 2014 and that is inspired by the Norse Sagas (specifically the 9 realms of norse mythology). This project involves near-on 50 Twitter poets, arts, musicians and sculptors, and will run online for 9 months culminating in a poetry, art and music exhibition( and even a Viking boat!) in Hanse House King’s Lynn, Norfolk, UK across the Heritage Open Day weekend, in September 2015. 

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