jueves, 28 de agosto de 2014


Knife nails. Scratching.
Morse eyelids. Twitching.
Water feet. Freezing.
Foam liver. Drying out.
Balloon heart. Pumping.
Jelly brain. Melting.
Wire veins. Rusting.
Vegetal nerves. Rooting.
Crystal bones. Exploding.
Thorny lungs. Expanding.
Plastic skin. Tightening.
Charcoal heart. Hissing.
Stone muscles. Cracking.
Acidic bile. Running.
Boiling blood. Crystallizing.
Continuous synapse. Shouting.
Rope viscera. Twisting.
Wavy pleura. Reverberating.
Reptilian hair. Rattling.
Open mouth. Gashing.

Pain. Growing.

viernes, 15 de agosto de 2014

The perfume dreamers / Los soñadores de perfume

Ilustrado por Viviana Hinojosa para el proyecto "Ephemera"

The perfume dreamers

Every morning they wake up with some broken aromas in their eyes. In every dream they try to figure out the perfume´s shape and source.
They exchange spices and scented pieces of cloth. With that information they draw the map that will take each one of them to their perfume.
Sometimes they wake up, sweating, trying to get hold of it, to name the place where it comes from. But rushing into waking life is useless.
You cannot control dreams. You just have to keep waiting and hoping. You have to be ready for the next piece of information. Night comes.
Piece by piece, aroma by aroma, it takes years, sometimes centuries to draw a map. It takes many dreams to find the source of one´s perfume.

Los soñadores de perfume
Cada mañana, despiertan con aromas rotos en los ojos. En cada sueño, intentan darle forma y origen al perfume que sueñan.
Intercambian especias y olorosos pedazos de tela. Con esa información, poco a poco, trazan el mapa que llevará a cada uno a su perfume.
A veces despiertan, sudando, intentando atraparlo, llamar el nombre del lugar de donde viene. Pero apresurarse a la vigilia es inútil.
No pueden controlar los sueños. Tienen que seguir esperando y prepararse para la siguiente entrega de información. La noche se acerca.

Pieza por pieza, aroma por aroma; toma años, incluso siglos dibujar el mapa. Toma muchos sueños encontrar el origen del perfume propio.

Companion jewelry pieces by Polen.

viernes, 8 de agosto de 2014


Kisses and murmurs
share a silence share a noise
 they speak they rattle
Glazed bile and water vapour
share a lightness share a heat
they boil and they rise
Sweet dreams and hopes
share a sky share a night
they rise and they evaporate
Inner thoughts and steps
share a rhythm share a voice
they go back and they go forth
Death and oblivion
share a stillness share a cry
that lasts and that hurts
Contentment and fudge
            share a bitterness and a lie
rancid and sweet
The sun and the moon
share a time and share a light
 they come and they go
Hopelessness and rust
share corrosion share a bite
they go deep and down
Loneliness and mold
share a dampness share a cold
they break down they infuse.
Hope and sunshine
share a light share a warmth
            they soothe they enliven
Fraternity and mist
            share a continuity share a force

                        they permeate they flow.