martes, 28 de julio de 2015

Shining - Alfheim - The nine realms

it might be just a dream
a little voice small and fair
a blinding sun inside of you

it might be just a parasite
                               an idea
a voice that it isn’t there

something at every step
something that you might deny
something that you might follow

it might be just a cloud
something like a blinding mist

it might be just a maggot
a little bit of light             moving

something that you might ignore.
You can read the post at the Artipeeps webpage here and listen at a reading of this poem.

This poem is part of my online collaboration with Nicky Mortlock´s The Nine Realms project that began on October 2014 and that is inspired by the Norse Sagas (specifically the 9 realms of norse mythology). This project involves near-on 50 Twitter poets, arts, musicians and sculptors, and will run online for 9 months culminating in a poetry, art and music exhibition( and even a Viking boat!) in Hanse House King’s Lynn, Norfolk, UK across the Heritage Open Day weekend, in September 2015. 

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