miércoles, 27 de junio de 2012

The Labyrinth of Mirrors

No, it is not a statue. It doesn’t move, I know. Is Narcissus, can´t leave any of his reflections. This is the Labyrinth of Mirrors.
Fog entered the Labyrinth of Mirrors at night. No reflections until the sun rose. Some prisoners woke up with sunshine.
The mole entered the Labyrinth of Mirrors. Looked at his heart, trusted his nose, went away. He never knew he was in such a place.
Plain music entered the Labyrinth of Mirrors. Notes saw each other, fell in love and reproduced. A symphony then filled the Labyrinth.
Some little lies tried to exit the Labyrinth of Mirrors.They tripped, got confused with flares, made clumps. Some truths came out by chance.
A wave of locusts swarmed through the Labyrinth of Mirrors. Some got out. The rest ate at each other or tried to eat their own reflections.
Egos got expanded in the Labyrinth of Mirrors. The monstrosity of some killed of asphyxia the owners, saving them from the Labyrinth itself.
An army of snails crawled over the Labyrinth of Mirrors. The mirror´s glare oozed with mucus. Other creatures also managed to leave.
Lonely and sad he entered the Labyrinth of Mirrors. Every now and then the reflections surprised, frightened, comforted or maddened him.
Labyrinth by Ivan Titor.
Series originally posted in 9 tweets @minafiction. It might keep growing.
Serie originalmente publicada en 9 tuits @minafiction. Podría seguir creciendo.

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