lunes, 18 de junio de 2012

I could

I could have a knife between my lips, a wound inside my hips. I could order a total eclipse and one hundred bodies disemboweled. I could.
I could cut wide open thousand sonnets.I could mine your fields, beg your pardon.I could release all the dream birds, set them free.I could.
I could condemn all the virtues, caress all the hates, feed them like French poodles and then just kill them because they are cute. I could.
I could swallow you without a bite. I could spit you out without digesting. I could drown you before fishes and egos go on strike. I could.
I could give you a spirit before your belly button makes you feel dizzy. I could make you believe you are. I could ride on the sea. I could.
I could go to the deception’s funeral. I could look back like the blind. I could cry because there is no bacon in my salad. Oh yes, I could.
Man eats world by Lataille.
Poem originally posted in 6 tweets @minafiction. It might keep growing.
Poema originalmente publicada en 6 tuits @minafiction. Podría seguir creciendo.

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