jueves, 5 de julio de 2012

The things I have

I have a garden of black ferns at the bottom of the deep ocean. New fronds uncurl slowly in darkness, caressing the sea. I can take you there.
I am growing a forest with your tears, your fears, your hopes, your loves. We have a nurturing ever flowing stream, a forest in full bloom.
I have some abandoned hopes hiding inside the rain. I can only see them when it rains. They get alive, watered, then washed away again.
In the scar between two oceans I have your grief, a couple of beautiful earrings and all the tears you´ve lost. Come, I have some lemonade too.
Inside the night´s darkest hours I have forty elephants that talk with the fire, twenty tsunamis that whisper to the wind, a hundred clouds that can melt your guts and three volcanoes as a snack.
I have a flame that is my shadow. She follows me anywhere, she licks me and burns me. Sometimes is a caress or a burning sensation. Inside.
I have a place inside myself where ice is perpetual; where silence, whispers and the moonlight are sharp as daggers.
I have inside the curve of a wave the shells´ voices, their whispers and secrets. The only place in the ocean that is mute to its own voice.
I have a handful of wave dust in my hand. I am saving it for you. I will spread it over that cliff in the middle of the sand dune desert.
I have the fire of your eyes on my fingertips. I am lingering over the earth, igniting everything I touch. I will get to the ocean tonight.
I have a railway in the middle of the sea. Sea urchins roll over it, spelling in every twist -and in real time- the sea´s new words.

I have, halfway between surface and ocean floor, a saffron silk ribbon. It gently snakes and floats releasing its carnelian ink. I watch.
Image by Johfra Bosschart.
Series originally posted in 13 tweets @minafiction. It might keep growing.
Serie originalmente publicada en 13 tuits @minafiction. Podría seguir creciendo.

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