jueves, 28 de mayo de 2015


Kisses and murmurs
share a silence share a noise
 they speak they rattle
Glazed bile and water vapour
share a lightness share a heat
they boil and they rise
Sweet dreams and hopes
share a sky share a night
they rise and they evaporate
Inner thoughts and steps
share a rhythm share a voice
they go back and they go forth
Death and oblivion
share a stillness share a cry
that lasts and that hurts
Contentment and fudge
            share a bitterness and a lie
rancid and sweet
The sun and the moon
share a time and share a light
 they come and they go
Hopelessness and rust
share corrosion share a bite
they go deep and down
Loneliness and mold
share a dampness share a cold
they break down they infuse.
Hope and sunshine
share a light share a warmth
            they soothe they enliven
Fraternity and mist
            share a continuity share a force

                        they permeate they flow.

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