martes, 24 de febrero de 2015


To love in the frontier between love and forgetfulness,
to long between the now and the never more,
to come back between the tomorrow and never again,
to doubt always doubt.

To walk over the edge dividing the day from the night,
to dream on the verge of wakefulness and dreaming,
to live in the second between life and death.

To hate between the ego and the afterwards,
to get angry over the edge of vanity and existence,
to go up across the confusing path of futility.

To live out of longing, hope and desperation,
to go back from the future passing by the past,
to walk towards the present through the back door.

To travel around the city wall of self complacency and sustainability,
to dismember congruence to pieces,
just because it is fashionable.

To come and go going through the circles of cliché and must be,
to run against time,
to navigate the river of success on the ship of failure.

To float in a foam of accumulated manias and neurosis,
to forget the love and the why,
to go quietly without breathing
with the eyes innocent of ignoring.

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