martes, 20 de enero de 2015

Time zone

It was night when the sea exploded.
We all rose with a salty gusto on our lips and a deafening silence of waves.

Midnight was entering when the flowers crystallized.
Asleep we felt, suddenly, the smell of leaves and stems, eclipsed until then.

Dawn was rising when volcanoes spread in underground rivers.
We woke up with an igneous and vaporous roaring below the earth.

It was day when the night evaporated.
In wakefulness we waited for the sky to darken while the heat raised and consumed us little by little.

It was midday when the clouds leaked to the earth.
A sticky silk covered us and there was no ceiling helping us against the burning sun.

Sunset was falling when the deserts cracked.
We heard the uproar and we saw rivers of sand and waves of silence reptating all over.

It was midnight when the air disintegrated.

We inhaled dreams of asphyxia, stretched arms and lips to catch the last wind burst.

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