jueves, 29 de enero de 2015


Fast goes the family, the birds, the sea, the fishes.
Fast goes love, the welcomes, the farewells.
Fast the coitus, full speed the orgasm, the kisses, the good byes.
Fast the judgment, the prejudice, the hate, the devotion.
Fast, so fast, ipso facto, hurried.
Fast the food, the alcohol, the coffee that burns. Fast.
Fast the relationships, the executions,  s l o w  the revolutions.
Fast the censorship, the torture, the usury.
Fast the burning. Fast the reading.
Fast the deception and the disappointment. Fast and damn quick.
Fast the information, the fashion, the disillusion, the forgetfulness.
Fast the pleasure, slow the sorrow even if you rush it.
Fast the destruction, the annihilation. Fast. In a thunder.

Fast the bicycles, the moon, the batrachians. Fast goes life.

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