jueves, 4 de julio de 2013

Frozen burnt

A frozen moth flies                 too heavy        too slow                     the light too far 
A burning flower perfumes   too soon          too late                        the moth too senseless
A frozen light approaches     too dimmer    too dark                      the city too blind
A burning sea howls              too deep         too shallow                 the shore too far
A frozen sky falls down         too harsh         too sad                       the fog to low
A burning room lures            too smoky       too intense                the flower too close
A frozen fog moves               too slow          too thick                      the forest too far
A burning city screams         too silent         too garish                   the sea too far
A frozen sea undulates         too silent        too immense              the sky too close
A burning forest crepitates    too alive          too imprisoned           the clouds too far
A frozen cloud falls               too fractal       too broken                  the sun too far
A burning memory hates      too hard          too much                    the room too lonely
A frozen time speaks             too far             too cold                       the memory too close
A burning body invites          too hot            too lonely                    the time too soon 
A frozen rain drop falls         too heavy       too fast                        the river too far
A burning shore dances        too languid    too violent                 the hurricane too slow
A frozen sun illuminates       too weak         too far                         the moon too dark
A burning mountain dies      too alive          too vast                       the rain too scarce
A frozen hurricane slides      too loud          too wet                        the coast too close
A burning river ignites          too quiet         too light                      the mountain too vast

A mild coast roars                 too deaf          too caressing              the body too unaware
Poem originally posted in 21 tweets @minafiction.

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