miércoles, 16 de enero de 2013


Vertigo, dizziness and the feeling of drowning and getting lost. We are connected through our breaths. For a while, life lies in that space.

Lip to lip, breath to breath. Mouths moving along the skin. It is vapor talking, reading the skin, leaving a trail. A lining that ignites.

A tale crawls in walls and windows, drop by drop, moan by moan. Every single droplet is a word that was not needed, never worn. Vaporous.

Two bodies lying on bed, touching each other and themselves, aware of each other´s skins. Aware of their breathing: that air coming to life.

Looking through the window across the garden and across time. Lost and longing, sadness breaths and blurs the glass. All memories vaporize.

A tale, a prose poem, originally posted in 5 tweets @minafiction.

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