miércoles, 21 de noviembre de 2012

Octopus ink

I wrote a letter with octopus ink and sent it overseas. The letter never arrived. I heard rumors that an enormous Kraken sank a mail-boat.
One night, a sea of octopus ink invaded the darkness´ realm. We dreamt the worst nightmares ever imagined. We howled and screamed in dreams.
Cephalopods were conspiring, clouds of ink exploding on the ocean floor. At noon, clouds rising up to the sky were mistaken by the night.
In the beginning there was light. Then Octopus came and spread its tentacles over the universe and spread its ink, and darkness was born.
Octopus ink is running through my veins. It darkens my thoughts and my heart. Tentacles grow around my heart and I am lost in a black ocean.
By day, our love was plain and simple. By night, we filled the night with octopus ink: we became Krakens. Our love was a deep ocean monster.
There is a path of octopus ink along the ocean. Only burning ships can find it on their way to death, oblivion and eternal ocean-deep darkness.
Sepias flicker to each other in an eternal dance. Every now and then, some ink accompanies their dance. The reef, always busy, remains unaware.
Alfonsina saw beautiful words written over the sea with magical dark ink. The ink was calling her. She walked in joyfully. Seduced. Enthralled.

Prose poems originally posted in 9 tweets @minafiction.

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