lunes, 7 de mayo de 2012

Consumption society

Sparkling, still, fizzy, natural, sugar free, bottled, vitamin enriched, organic, flavoured, distilled. Liquid love. Only love. Drinkable.

Inside out, breathless, rising, upside down, all along, sea salted, deep inside, all over, lying down, soaking wet, chocolate covered. Lust.

Soaked, hand washed, spinned, sun dried, knitted, sanforized, stitched, starched, ironed, sewn, hand embroidered words. Words.

Grilled, oven baked, gratinated, vaporized, marinated, steamed, toasted, boiled, sautéed, deep fried, roasted, slow simmered desire. Desire.

Skimmed, broadcasted, hydrolyzed, dried, powdered, bleached, unplugged, reloaded, sugar free, remixed and revisited compassion. Compassion.

Cotton, drawing, coloured, coated, handmade, wrapping, waterproof, writing, origami, specialty, laid, banana, acid free thoughts. Thoughts.

Scrubbed, hair plucked, retweeted, botoxed, bronzed, cleaned, glittered, followed, manicured, favourited, massaged. Perfumed vanity. Vanity.

Sugar glazed, crème filled, triple chocolate, maple syrup dipped, caramelized, buttered, frosted, fudge filled, honey glazed greed. Greed.

Broadcasted, live, 3D, photoshopped, reloaded, illegal, remixed, obscene, silent, online, old fashioned, black and white hunger. Hunger.

Raw, bitter, sliced, grounded, GMO free, alcohol free, salt free, quality control approved, single malt, sugar free abandon. Pure abandon.

Buy one get one free, free shipping, don´t think just buy, for unlimited time, free gift. On sale: cheap recipes against sadness and despair.

Soul gearing by Kosmur.
Poem in 11 tweets originally posted in @minafiction. Note: The poem might still grow.
Poema en 11 tuits originalmente publicado en @minafiction. Nota: El poema puede seguir creciendo.

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