miércoles, 2 de diciembre de 2015

Hidden shards

Shards of perfume and broken words
are living peacefully
in this old walls
shards of love and tears
shards of time together.

Infinitesimal and mute
shards of lust and passion
slithering down in every corner
making metallic noises
blooming moaning shards.

Shards of forgotten hopes and pencil marks
have left their mark
in this wooden table
dark and wishful
black shards of light.

Covered with mould and time
shards of promises and never ending love
bear the rain
bear the sun
hopelessly hidden in park benches.

Shards of love and tenderness
light and winged
rose and exploded
leaving opalescent marks
on every single window
and every mirror.

Sharp, cold, boiling and alive
shards of hate and bile are looking at you
endlessly and bold
still shooting at you
after all these years .

Shards of self delusion float
rise & form clouds and storms
inside our houses
and workplaces
their lightning blinding us
killing us all

Keep falling like daggers in the rain
shards of fear and anxiety
deeper and deeper
keep entering the same place
like an endless sting

Shards of words
keep whispering on the walls
in crevices and over floors
keep mixing with the dust
keep murmuring
tiny shards of sound

Floating like dust and covering it all
shards of dreams and wishes
shards of diamantine
shards of mist

Shards of kisses and caresses
stay with us forever
mourning over our skin
dressing us
protecting us

tiny lively shards.

Originally published as tweets as @minafiction.

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