jueves, 31 de julio de 2014

Lost "In the Dark Room"

James Knight, aka the @badbadpoet has a new book out. Wonderful and numbing, inspiring and frightening."In the Dark Room" is available here. And here is a little “review” originally posted as tweets with the hashtag #lostinthedarkroom:

It is intimate, like the ever present thoughts you never share, but are always there, haunting you. 

It is like madness, like the one you don’t realize you have, like the one you like to deny. 

It is the reflection of your lost twin, coming back as a mannequin.

It is like being in your house, with your mum and dad, as weird as always. 

It is like your dreams. No, not those ones, the other ones, the dreams you don’t confess. 

It is like a memoir. Like the one Punch and Judy implanted on your mind one sunny afternoon. 

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