martes, 4 de junio de 2013

Scylla / Charybdis

Scylla wants your broken hope

your broken bones your broken blood

Scylla eats your body parts

your sex your youth your coming sons

Scylla loves your golden blood

your brain your thought your solid mould

Scylla longs to be your King

your queer your dear your fucking Queen

Scylla hears your step your breath

is underneath your wrecked health

Scylla feeds your stupid pride

steals your wife your fetid life

Scylla fucks your fragile mind

your feeble kind what lies behind

Scylla strives to carry on

to vibe your womb to squeeze your lung

Scylla steals your future gone

your fractured bone your fear undone

Scylla drinks your holy thirst

your lowly gasp your wholly peace

Scylla hates your languid tears

your liquid fears your lucid years

Scylla gutless.

Image by James Knight.

Charybdis whirls

and you see pearls
Charybdis speaks
and you feel weak
Charybdis lures
and you sense cures
Charybdis shows
and you feel throes
Charybdis dances
and you see chances
Charybdis shines
and you hear rhymes
Charybdis strips
and your head flips
Charybdis kisses
and your heart hisses
Charybdis lies
and you eat flies
Charybdis hides
and you drown in tides
Charybdis sings
and your trust springs

Charybdis scuttles.

These are two poems belonging to the series of poems published as "Scylla and Charybdis". The book can be bought here and the preface of it can be read here.

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