martes, 11 de diciembre de 2012

Future Memory 1.1

It started cold but I'm now feeling quite cosy. A bit fuzzy.

I hadn't realise you'd not gotten on the flight
Until I was waiting at Keflavik wondering where you were.

I'm glad I didn't drink that coffee

I thought about what it would have been like
If you'd been sitting next to me on the bus back to the city.

It’s stopped snowing, I wonder if I should have bothered with the coat

I'd asked them to take your name off the reservation when I got back to the hotel.
They didn't have an issue with that once I had explained.

I'm getting sleepy. That's a sign isn't it? It shouldn't be long now

I made myself coffee, packed my things up, before I went out.
It would maybe take an hour to get to the park if I walked slowly.

I don’t need to worry, or go home, now

It had started to snow as I left the hotel.
I'd managed to smile at the girl behind the desk as I went out.
I thought it had been quite convincing.

I can feel the tears freeze as they roll down my cheeks.

The first future memory was written off the cuff, as most of my twitter writing is, during a text conversation with a friend. Shortly afterwards as I read it back I realised that although it was something that I wanted to happen it was imaginary, a fantasy. However it felt real, it felt like something that was possible, that could actually happen in a few weeks and resonate backwards through time, like a memory from the future, rather than of the past. So I wrote another, set in a different city. Another meeting, another possibility, another memory from further in the future. The idea took shape from there, to explore a relationship between two people as different iterations of meetings in different cities as the years go by, alternative takes on each meeting. So the project has begun and with some work and luck and inspiration and the cooperation of my various muses there will be a book next year, or the year after. Perhaps. Or perhaps not. It all depends.


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