viernes, 8 de octubre de 2010

Yo soy bonita

Yo soy bonita
Como white lilies coming alive
out of a Diego Rivera painting,
making me feel proud I am Mexican
And that my people have resiliency
like white lilies in my neighborhood
all year long, rain or shine,
they are vivas aunque solas,
they are alive even if they are loners
yo soy bonita

yes for being Mexican
the tradicional look
ojos tapatíos, pelo largo con mis trenzas
challenging 30-60-90 measurements
con un 36, 36, 40
making them belief i am a Cubana
and if I wanted to, I am Brazilian
gives those eyes enough room
to exoticize just for a lil’ bit
turn them on, gay or straight
I am perfect,
but I am not only body

and sometimes we, women forget
and they, men, forget
to see that my body is more than just a coca cola bottle
holds 130 pounds of body image drama
conscious loving for her people
still find curiosity to learn
handles family traumas,
encuentra amor pa’ su raza
find the time on a Sunday afternoon
to get downs with her congas
and this flow…

“yo le canto a la luna y al sol
yo les canto estilo dancehall
a mi me gusta la rima en español
po ke la cadera baila más sabroso

te tengo en mis pensamientos
como las nubes en el cielo
yo te rimo con mucho amor
pa ke no te olvides de mi bonbon”

Look deep into my eyes
And you see history
Footprints on the beach
whose length is beyond my years as a human,
beyond the date my mom gave birth to me
opened her legs wide on a sunshiny day
despite sanjo’s February rain showers
despite loosing a few babies before me
she still found love to see me
as her first beautiful child
I am ready to continue footprints
she had already stretched over the rio grande
she said forget the militarized Mexican border
I deserve a better future in el norte
She said yo soy bonita,
even when Mexico’s political system
didn’t see it in her interest

beyond the time Mexico was raped,
like all the women in my presence,
sisters, friends, my mother and aunties,
my cousins and nieces, and
like those brothers too
who have been violated of ego and pride
dignity and a sense of being…

beyond the rape and into the birth of this land,
this turtle island as my ancestors tell it
yo soy bonita, como los violados, los humanos, los sufridos
y los que sobreviven
because we have survived

there is a beauty in struggle
my wrinkles show you
how much I work, how much I cry
how much I laugh
show you that I know how to live life
live desperately like there was no tomorrow
make sure I still have a smile
because I have seen days where the sun don’t shine
so we pray and surrender to the creador
ask for forgiveness when all we want to do is shame ourselves
ask for hope when our dreams have been broken
and ask for faith when our Heart has been sucked dry

yo soy bonita
and to say it
and to feel it
and to convince you of it
is truly revolutionary.

Composición fotográfica de Fábián Gábor.

Poema reproducido con permiso de la autora.

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Ophir Alviárez dijo...

Un poema sentido, profundo...Me gustó!



Guillermina Echeverría-Lozano dijo...

Si, muy bueno. También puedo escuchar a Adriana cuando lo leo.
Besos Ophir...